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Festival and Event Economic Impact

Festivals and events lie at the cultural heart of most communities; they are an integral part of their character and identity. However, with the current economic climate in cities and provinces throughout the country, demonstrating these intangible benefits is not enough; public and private partners alike are demanding quantifiable measures to support their investment.   Let us help you validate the tourism impacts associated with your event.

On-Site Surveys

Conducting an on-site survey is often the best way to reach a small target audience. We are on-site survey specialists, with experience in conducting surveys at gated and ungated, single and multi-venue sports events, music festivals, conventions, conferences, and shopping malls. 

Tourism & Economic Research

Paradigm Consulting Group has been the lead subcontractor for a wide variety of studies for clients across Canada and in the Caribbean on projects such as the building tourism economic impact assessment model, developing visitor profiles and other projects. We provide clients with clear, concise analysis that provides actionable results.



Paradigm Consulting Group has also developed an expertise with in the lotto and gaming field. Our primary focus has been on new product development through the provision of accurate projections of sales and revenues associated with new product concepts.